Augmented Reality Agency

Augmented Reality agency

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality or AR is the layering of digital content onto the existing real world; its purpose is to amplify or enhance the ‘real’ object or environment, turning it into a more engaging and interactive experience.

Why is our augmented reality agency right for you?

Our team of technologically innovative AR and VR experts, have many years of experience creating challenging and industry-leading content. We consider ourselves to be a content solutions provider, giving your company the ability to engage with users in a way that has previously never been done before. We give you the opportunity to do something different, to engage with your audience with unique content and ultimately provide an enjoyable experience.

The Diverse Interactive Team

All of our work is done in-house with our team of specialist developers, 3D artists, UI and UX designers and motion graphics artists, which is overseen by the project managers and senior production team. We boast numerous years of interactive programming and digital creative experience and are at the top of our game, providing high-level unique content to companies around the globe and from various sectors.

Providing a Unique Service

We have worked across many industries including retail, pharmaceutical and health care, defence, automotive, cosmetics, FMCG, fashion and luxury, education, as well as with large commercially respected companies. Although the processes we follow are the same for every project, the service is unique to each client. When working with Diverse Interactive you can be confident that your project will engage with your audience on another level like never before, it would have undergone many rigorous testing phases to ensure a consistent and reliable product.

Not sure about how AR will fit into your project? No problem. We enjoy a challenge and our team of experts can offer advice and produce a truly innovative experience for your company.

Our AR Business Services

As a creative augmented reality agency, we offer a range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Voice search applications.
  • Bespoke AR applications.
  • Facebook camera effects.
  • SmartMirrors for retail.
  • Bespoke face filters.
  • AR portals allowing you to ‘look inside’ an augmented world whilst standing in the real world, ideal for property developers.
  • Live space AR installations, perfect for advertising and marketing, and proven to get higher levels of foot traffic at expos and events.
  • E-learning Apps for education, turning something conventional into a fun and interactive experience.
  • Object recognition and detection.
  • Marker and markerless based tracking.
  • Geo-faced content.
  • Face tracking and face analysis.
  • Body tracking, including full skeletal analysis.
  • High point hand tracking.
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Our AR design process

Concept development
This is the most important stage, from understanding what you want to achieve to starting to create the design.

Next, we provide a high-level design and a storyboard to bring the project to life.

Alpha release
Here we turn everything into 3D content in order to see exactly what it’s going to look like, with basic functionalities.

Beta release
Based on feedback we received from you and using our team’s expert knowledge, we can adjust the project here before reaching the final stages.

Final testing
The project is finally signed off and after our creative team have worked their magic, the AR project is complete.

The content will then get pushed to the live space environment.

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AR can provide an unparalleled level of personal content that resonates with users across industry sectors. Why be the same as everyone else? Go beyond that and unleash the many possibilities for your business to stand out from the crowd.

Here at Diverse Interactive, we learn from the digital past to embrace the digital future, want to come with us on this journey? Get in touch to find out more.