Virtual Production Studio

The UK’s first all-in-one Virtual Production Studio is a state-of-the-art immersive technology centre, offering specialised facilities to enhance and create virtual worlds, virtual humans and virtual assets for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, TV, Film and the Metaverse.


Emerging technology studio

The Emerging Technology studio allows our clients to experience the latest emerging technologies such as, Teslasuits, state of the art Virtual Reality experiences, Augmented Reality wearables and Motion simulators.

We encourage businesses to come and join our workshops and get hands on with the technology.

Volumetric capture

Volumetric technology capture’s real-world scenes including realistic human form and movement and product visualisation, bringing photorealistic hologram and volumetric video to Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences.



Our photogrammetry solution allows rapid creation of virtual products and digital twins to be used within the metaverse in AR/VR experiences.

Allowing you to create 3D content at scale, at a reduced cost and at a fraction of the time compared to traditional 3D modelling.

You can use this content in a variety of use cases, for example; product catalogues, virtual shopping, brand activations and ecommerce solutions.

Motion capture studio

Our motion capture studio allows us to create best in class live capture character animation at scale, tracking multiple characters including body, facial and hand movement within sub-millimetre accuracy.


Infinity green screen

Specifically set up for green screen film shooting making it easy to integrate film and Computer Generated Graphics (CGI) together. Bridging the gap between film and virtual environments.


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