Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) provides a change of perspective. One that expands the parameters of real-world environments, enhances objects and brings to life physical spaces through the presentation of interactive digital content to a user via their smart phone or tablet device.

Capable of stimulating cognitive function, augmented reality by way of its application enhances the delivery of information in a way that is proven to be effective in terms of a user’s ability to recall, and learn from the AR experience.

Augmented reality therefore lends itself incredibly well to situations within which information needs to make an impact. Augmented reality application development can transform the way that you present, market and demonstrate your offering to your audience.

The internal AR collective at Diverse Interactive consisting of 3D artists and software engineers, game engine developers, motion graphics designers and Agile project managers is dedicated and responsible for producing technically innovative, cutting edge augmented reality applications for clients wanting to go one step beyond two dimensions.

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