University of Surrey

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality delivers a user experience unlike any other. With VR, you’ve the opportunity to transcend physical environments and take users deep into a digital world. One that’s been created to be rich and interactive, immersive and unforgettable. VR has the power to play on the senses, to stimulate and engage. To teach, to train, to educate. To communicate and encourage users to explore and get involved with what’s around them.

Having developed virtual reality experiences for aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical and education sector clients, our applications are built for purpose to work across multiple devices (headset and mobile) to ensure maximum impact.

Supported by our proprietary VR / 360° content management platform, Diverse VR it’s our intention to make virtual reality a worthwhile and cost-effective investment for any organization wanting to realise the benefits of this type of experiential technology.

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