Ribena Doodle your World AR app

Client: Suntory Group

Use your phone camera to 'doodle' on everyday objects

Everyday scenes are brought to life with animated characters that interact with objects and people around you. Glitter balls spin, hip cartoon bunnies bounce-up coffee cups and quacking ducks bob in and out of soup bowls.

Scan the bottle to download the app

Users download the app by scanning the QR code on the Ribena bottles.

Augmented reality app for iOS & Android

The innovative app was released to both the Appstore and Playstore.

Share your creations #Ribenary

Users can record their doodles and share their Ribena-branded creations with the hashtag #Ribenary.

A brand-driven augmented reality campaign harnessing markerless object recognition and integrated social sharing.

Ribena needs no introduction. Adored by children, young adults and parents alike, they are known for their fun and vibrant brand. With an impressive heritage and daring marketing team, Ribena’s brief to us was adventurous, and one we could not wait to get started on.

The key focus of this project, named ‘Doodle your World’, is an AR experience utilising a Ribena bottle and a device companion app. Users initially scan a QR code on the bottle, which takes them directly to the relevant app store – iOS or Android.

With the app installed on their device, a user can use the camera to capture the bottle and generate impressive 3D animated characters that interact with the object, and other objects within the frame. Utilising Wikitude’s ‘SLAM’ as a core technology, devices were easily able to detect surfaces, so items such as tables or desks can be easily recognised.

Whilst this technology is simple and seamless to the user, behind the scenes, the app is constantly building a graph of all visible objects and synchronises the 3D animation to the user’s hand movements using the device’s in-built accelerometer data. During the time of release, AR Core and AR Kit had not yet come to smartphone, which made this project preeminent for its time, setting a new standard for mobile-first AR technology.

As the first app of its kind to use markerless object recognition, it offered an entirely natural experience for the user, no different to taking a photo or video, and without the need for additional hardware or software. Social integration enabled users to share their creations and selfies with the characters via Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Developing the solution

There were several moving parts to this campaign, so relationships and communication with other digital agencies was critical to ensuring that the TV advertising, brand design and bottle production was synchronised and achievable by the deadline. To achieve the short deadline window, almost all of the Diverse Interactive team were involved, including animators, designers, 3D developers and project managers. With this strong team in place, and great relationships with the branding and production agencies involved, we quickly gained app store approvals, hit the deadline, and Ribena’s KPIs.

The results

The app exceeded its target by 184% in just four months. With 46,000 downloads in this initial period, 30% of these users purchased at least two bottles, with over half sharing Doodle your World content on Facebook, to an estimated audience of 5 million. The gamification and shareability of this campaign were key to its success.

This ground-breaking project utilised innovative AR and pushed the boundaries of what was possible on consumer devices. Users were able to seamlessly create and share their own content – achieving remarkable reach, results and insights for the client.

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