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From jaw contouring to brow lifts and skin smoothing, the treatment visualiser allows users to realistically customise multiple facial features to achieve their desired look.

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After creating the desired look, users are able to view a 'before' and 'after', and generate a downloadable tailored treatment plan to take to an appointment with a JUVEDERM® practitioner.

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Developed using web technology, the visualiser is accessible directly on the JUVEDERM® website, but has also been highly successful internationally as a live interactive demonstration tool for beauty events and shows.

As a web-based app with a customer-focused UI, this cosmetic visualiser offers a realistic approach to facial treatment, recognised by dermatology specialists.

Allergan are a pharmaceutical company known for their bold and innovative approach to biological and regenerative medical products. Focusing with one of their cosmetic brands, we partnered with Allergan to create a revolutionary treatment visualiser.

Facial transformation and recognition technology is widespread in a number of social apps, but the execution is commonly novelty face filters or comedy visualisations. Allergan’s prominence in dermatology and their commitment to science and healthcare required us to find a solution that is reliable, accurate but most importantly, subtle. With a clear brief to develop a solution that creates acceptable levels of modification, we used our previous experience with cosmetic applications to build a best-in-class solutions that could be trusted by customers.

A number of cosmetic-focused face filtering applications were already deployed into the market, but the vast majority required a user to download an app to their own hardware, or to use an in-store device. For this project, we were keen to take a web-based approach, making the product available to anyone with a phone, laptop or tablet, wherever they are.

Developing the solution

Working closely with Allergan’s team and consulting with practitioners, we set to work on creating a solution that was easy to deploy and user friendly. Alongside our facial recognition build, we also entirely refreshed the UI experience. With the previous iteration making it difficult for users to navigate through the various functions, our design approach simplified the user journey and created a strong brand experience alongside it.

Users can access the product and engage in a discreet and personal experience that allows them to visualise how treatments may look. These visualisations can then be used during consultations with healthcare and cosmetic professionals to provide an accurate idea of the patient’s requirements.

The discovery period of this project was key and allowed us to understand the strict requirements and restrictions in developing a product for the cosmetic industry. Combined with our experience in new and revolutionary technologies, we continue to consult Allergan on world-class solutions that enable customers to be their best selves.

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Thanks to the success of the web-based application, we were able to build a podium version, powered by an iPad Pro and incorporating a large ring light to help illuminate the user. This opened a number of new opportunities such as retail and live space activations.

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Ilias Blanis, Senior Digital marketing Manager - Allergan

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