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Virtual Reality agency

Advantages of using VR in business

Technology has radically changed the way all industries work, and Virtual Reality is now at the forefront of this, revolutionising all areas of business. Using VR in business can create exciting virtual environments which are not only engaging and entertaining, but also offer savings in time and cost as well as reducing risks associated with real environments. VR aids the formation of memories which can have commercial benefits, in terms of sales and marketing, as well as educational benefits when it is used in training and development.

VR environments are being employed in a wide range of industries to transform many business processes from product demonstrations to virtual tours, virtual test drives, and venue promotion, to name just a few.

Benefits of hiring a VR agency

Virtual Reality technology is growing to become a must-have for most companies as the possibilities are limitless. This cutting-edge technology helps brands challenge their customers’ senses and ensures they stand out in a competitive market.

As a Virtual Reality agency, Diverse Interactive have expertise in both technology and industry, allowing us to take a holistic approach to creating an innovative solution to meet your business needs. From discussing your initial aims and advising you on concepts, through to production of a complete VR experience, our work as a VR agency is much more than just transforming your footage into virtual reality.

The process begins with the concept, which can be created on traditional 2D storyboards, before our talented studio team put those ideas into production, drawing on a broad range of production expertise which includes 360 video content and photographic content production.

This range of in-house production skills not only allows us to take on the most challenging of projects, for the biggest global brands, but also enables us to utilise the most relevant technology for any given project to ensure a successful outcome that meets the business goals.

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Our VR design process

Concept development
This is the most important stage, from understanding what you want to achieve to starting to create the design.

Next, we provide a high-level design and a storyboard to bring the project to life.

Alpha release
Here we turn everything into 3D content in order to see exactly what it’s going to look like, with basic functionalities.

Beta release
Based on feedback we received from you and using our team’s expert knowledge, we can adjust the project here before reaching the final stages.

Final testing
The project is finally signed off and after our creative team have worked their magic, the VR project is complete.

The content will then get pushed to the live space environment.

Why use Diverse Interactive

As an experienced Virtual Reality agency, we know exactly how developing creative VR content can help your business. We push boundaries with progressive clients to produce bespoke environments which can transport your audience to a place which may not even exist yet. With a highly skilled in-house team, Diverse Interactive work in collaboration with global brands to overcome challenges and consistently deliver innovative quality content. With many years of experience and industry knowledge, the Diverse Interactive team have a proven track record of taking the most ambitious of projects from conception to completion and delivering an unrivalled VR experience.

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